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AltaGamma Contactlab Award

Digital Luxury Awards by Altagamma Contactlab: Burberry, Fendi, LVMH and Chanel best performer on Digital


On 25th of May, during Altagamma Digital Luxury Experience event in Milan, Burberry, Louis Vuitton Fendi and Chanel have been awarded by Altagamma Contactlab as best performers on Digital. The analytics are based on The Digital Competitive Map 2017 methodology developed by our company in collaboration with Exane BNP Paribas.

Key motivations for the awards were:

Burberry: best performer on the Digital Strategic Reach axis (Supply Side)

A pioneer in embracing the Digital Agenda, is still now best in class in extending digital capabilities worldwide ( e.g. countries with Ecommerce, language and content  localization for Websites, Digital Marketing and Social platforms).

A strong player also on the Demand Side, in particular for Cross-Channel services, and Customer Service. Always experimenting (e.g Apple Pay)

Louis Vuitton: best performer on the Digital Customer Experience axis (Demand Side)

Best in class in Customer Service and Style Advisory ( not only via Live Chat, Email, Phone, but also via Facebook and Twitter) and Social Share.

Very effective Product Selection supports while navigating and shopping online, vast variety of Delivery Options.

Fendi: best improvements 2015-2017 on the Digital Strategic Reach axis (Supply Side)

A late comer to Ecommerce, Fendi is now rapidly gaining positions ( eg in 2016 added Ecommerce for Men, Watches, Children categories, and launched Japan; in 2016 added Russian and Chinese traditional languages on Websites and Emails,…).

Strong performer also on the Online Shopping Experience (Demand Side)

Chanel: best improvements 2015-2017 on the Digital Customer Experience axis (Demand Side)

Very significant improvements on Online Shopping Experience.

Extra effort on Customer Service and Live Chat.

Developed cross-channel capabilities such as Click in Store.

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