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H&M Xmas video

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After breaking Kenzo’s advertising by Spike Jones, H&M gives us the opportunity to talk again about the use of video for fashion brands. Wes Anderson directed the short movie Come Together, now reaching the amazing amount of 9 million views on YouTube.


Now we can see a trend in the use of well-known filmmakers to promote fashion & luxury items. After Prada’s Candy in 2013, the director is giving his touch for another fashion brand: the retailer H&M. With the fantastic set up of H&M Lines Winter Express, the short movie is based on precise symmetries of the scene and colors we are used to since 2007 with the movie The Darjeeling Limited, by the same author. 4 minutes to show the new 2016 Xmas collection worn by the actors and to highlight the values of care and love typical of Christmas time thanks to a very sweet story.

Values and products live together and the short movie by a famous director seem to be the best way to spread a message, with style. In respect with the sense of beauty that fashion brands aim to express, this seem a very good example of the trend of videopromotion, supported by a strong worldwide diffusion and a big amount of views only in the first month since publication.
In the digital strategy, let’s notice the use of YouTube and Twitter as main channels: it’s remarkable the amount of 1.7K retweets and 2.3K likes on the day of the launch. Well done, H&M!

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