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A glimpse at Mango’s promotional approach


Let us have a look at the promotional campaigns for winter 2016 by Mango, the Spanish design and clothing company. With a strong experience in e-commerce (its first online store opened in 2000) it’s also a global retailer with more than 2.700 points of sale in 108 countries.

First of all the message is about discount policy: show the percentage, make it visible and focus your message around it. Discounts are available both instore and online, although some campaigns are e-commerce focused. In fact as part of a seamless customer engagement strategy, Mango always includes a note and a voice in the menu to clarify it.

Mango takes digital and physical integration very seriously: thanks to the Shop on the go program you can scan & shop in a glimpse from the catalogue, or in store if the item is unavailable. They work also on proximity and multiple devices that recognize the digital personality of the customer, for a true seamless experience.

When sales are ending the discount increases with a final markdown. By inserting the final price for a few items Mango highlights the exceptional amount of this winter sales; the implicit message is ‘wait no longer’. Once clicked on the button you are directed on the e-commerce: it’s easier for a user to be convinced to buy online.

The choice of red in the layout is catchy and well recognizable. The use of the same chromatic approach gives consistancy and coherence to the promotional language, very different from the launch of new collections and the must-have emails.

Stores are in the footer: to check out the addresses of the shops just click on it and get to a website page with pre-filled informations about the country; then you can select the type and the town in which the stores are. Return policies also lay on a consistent integrated strategy.

Can’t wait for the spring new sales!
In the meantime keep on reading our posts on fashion insights & digital.

Mango promotional approach

Mango promotional approach


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