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Catwalks revolution: the new customer journey


Traditional runway shows as we know them are dead: in September everything seen at few brands’ catwalk shows will be available to buy in store and online. In the past, shows were mainly for buyers and fashion journalists. Nowadays “e-shows” are available to all brands’ audiences at the same time as industry insiders, from Milan to Shanghai. Instant catwalks sales have already become real. How is this revolution influencing business models?

The digitalization of fashion shows and the spread of real time information about new collections has brought advantages in terms of brand awareness and sales opportunities. Indeed, it’s more and more common to buy and order few items instantly during catwalks. In 2009 Burberry introduced the “runway made-to-order”, which allowed anybody who was watching the show to order an item and have it delivered 8-10 weeks later. This trend is evolving until the next step, aligning the customer journey and the product lifecycle.

This evolution is bringing also a contraction of time-to-market strategy and an organic change in the pipeline, because customers are experiencing the gap between the real time disclosures of the collection and the actual availability of items.

Burberry is the game changer and just launched its see-now-buy-now strategy. Instant catwalks sales are a reality for them. The brand will reduce shows to two, releasing the collections also in its e-commerce and stores. “As soon as you start live streaming, inviting bloggers and having Instagram, you’ve got to say that the show is now for a broader audience than just the industry. […]”.


These changes will connect product lifecycle with customer journey, delivering a consistent and immediate response to its needs. This means enriching clients’ profiles with their behavioral and purchase habits. Furthermore, this customer-centric model allows brands to know and recognize their customers, doesn’t matter the touchpoint they decide to use; as a result, they have the chance to use these data to offer them a truly personalized interaction.

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