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Luxury customers want to feel unique


Do people buy just to satisfy needs? Not always. Not now.
People look for experiences when buying when buying technologies, food, travels… and this becomes stronger when it comes to fashion and luxury.
It’s not just a you-sell/I-buy matter. It’s a real relationship that needs to spring up and be enriched over the time.A luxury customer looks for quality, uniqueness and exclusivity. He expects to be known and recognized both online and offline. He wants to feel special, as if that message or product was meant just for him.
Brands are challenged with creating truly personal and meaningful experiences. How can them deal with this?
Since the first approach brands can start collecting data about users: who they are, where they are from, their interests. This is just the base but it is not enough. The pool of information must be enriched over the time because it contributes in defining the shape of the customer and the path to follow to create true engagement.
Get information not just from what customers say but also from what they do and how they behave!

Examples of email marketing strategy

Examples of email marketing strategy

Brands must take advantage from all the digital tools that generate data and reduce borders between physical and digital touchpoints to develop omni-channel strategies focused on customers. Information allow brands to find the right way and the right channel to engage customers at the right moment with personalized messages.
Brands need to know individuals deeply to offer relevancy and be effective in their campaigns since the very beginning and in each step of the relationship. Studying customers can help creating rich personalized and localized contact plans and identifying key targets.
Defining a rich engagement strategy based on dynamic segmentation and behavioral trends means giving real value to customers.
If you have the information why not using them to create something tailor-made for your customer?Customers are the new engine and knowing them is the key strength to create a unique customer experience.

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