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The See-now-Buy-Now challenging strategy


If there is who rejects the ongoing revolution on the shows model, there is who is uncertain about its influence on creativity as on the dream effect, and who has already decided, riding the wave, to be a pioneer. However, some doubts arise: how will this new See-now-Buy-Now orientation fit in a complex business, based on peculiar communication and production balances? Is it strategic? Is it an evolution of the context dictated by consumer behaviors? What will happen to brands that refuse this challenge?

Over the years, the ready to wear spread worldwide coexisting with the pure tailor-made. This shook up the industry to meet the consumers’ changing needs towards the fashion “democratization”. Today, the consumer continues to be central to an increasingly popular phenomenon: the See-now-Buy-Now.
With a customer and technological mindset, leading names in the fashion world have supported and are about to experiment a new strategy: showing and selling their valuable offer to a public highly demanding to wear right away what they see during the show. Burberry, Gucci, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger are on-trend, reducing catwalks in only two events putting together man and woman collections.

A real revolution that exceeds the gender issue starring the consumer himself. This switch will modify the way to run the business, mainly in terms of communications processes and supply chain. The communication is going to be much more personalized to reach specific targets. The production and the distribution may go to be faster. Is it also aimed at contrasting fast fashion brands’ competition? Thus, overcoming the traditional calendar allows shortening the time between the inspiration aroused to the consumer by the show and the purchase. What does this mean? The Fashion system chases the innovation to meet the demand of a consumer that lives digital micro-moments and needs engagement. This is a new challenge to influence the experience of the true star of the sector: the consumer.

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