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You See It, You Want It, You Get It. A fashion tool


In 2011 when former Miss Catherine Middleton married Prince William, nobody thought she would have become such a profitable fashion icon for fashion luxury brands and beyond. Every time she makes a public appearance, all the eyes are pointed to her outfits, and immediately the royal bloggers and correspondents are able to reveal us the brands and where to buy them online. Needless to say, those items are sold out in a few minutes.
In my opinion, The Daily Mail Online, took  inspiration from this phenomenon and created a smart fashion tool called FemailFashionFinder.

The fashion tool is very easy to use: you go to the Daily Mail site and choose an article to read. The Daily Mail is a gossip newspaper where you can be updated with the latest news about all kind of celebrities. Every article includes many pictures. At the bottom of each picture you can notice a pink tag, click on it and you will receive all the information you need about that specific dress, those shoes orthat accessory wore by the celebrity you are reading about. If you get mad about it/them and want it as soon as possible, well don’t worry you just have to click on “shop now” and hope that your size is still available.
I have to say, I was impressed with FemailFashionFinder and I’d like to have more information about how it works. I have a few questions, for example: What is the technology behind this fashion tool? Does DailyMail ask brand to join or is it the other way round? Do brands indicate the presence of their items or does FemailFashionFinder provide an automatic recognition? What are the criteria in tagging an image? When was the fashion tool released? And last but not least, it would be interesting to get to know data about clicks, transactions, visits and more. What do you think about it? Your opinions are welcome as usual.

You See It, You Want It, You Get It. A fashion tool

You See It, You Want It, You Get It. A fashion tool


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