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Kenzo World

What is the visual fragrance of Kenzo? A new video advertising


Strength, power, irreverence, charisma: all in a short movie by Spike Jones for Kenzo World, Kenzo video advertising to promote its new fragrance, who is turning the classical imaginary of beauty and evanescence into something electric and instinctive, insane and brilliant.

This video advertising by Kenzo is out of the rules and into the modernity of a new representation of female power, brought in the screen and spread in the web. It is like a shout of freedom to break some visual prejudice in advertising and reach a new audience. No more clichés in the new fragrance belonging to the Kenzo World.

The campaign is shown through digital, with a hub in the YouTube channel by Kenzo Parfum where you can also find the link to Spotify to listen to the great song Mutant Brain. To follow the conversation you can use #KENZOWorld and be part of the explosion.

Is it a new perspective? Or even the start of fashion video advertising with a new bursting energy?

Open your eyes and enjoy!

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